The dwarven Empire of Eastlund. Once, simply part of the Great Ring. A string of holds along the easternmost part of the Empire, along the western coast of a mighty continent.  As the centuries and millennia ground past, the glowing circlet of the old empire, Aetrea, was broken. Holds rebelled, holds were lost. The mighty rail lines of the deep road became harder to keep clear. Prophecy spoke of the end times, a great falling of darkness. Overtaken with petty clan squabbles, the mighty Capitol island, the Citadel of Kaer Haa'vaald, did nothing, dismissing the words of the seers and prophets as the words of the mad and drug addled. Not all holds dismissed this advice. The 13 holds of Eastlund took steps towards the survival of all peoples, banding together with human and elf alike to construct mighty shelters known now as hearth halls. Then, 2000 years ago, the sun went out. The light of stars no longer fell upon the world of Aerth. A long night descended and the world was gripped in eternal winter. 1500 years later, it ended. Suddenly. One day the sun arose, lifted to the sky by the god Hermanos.(So the clerics claim). That was 500 years ago, and it is a new world. Of the 452 holds of Aetrea, only 13 remain active. These are the chronicles of Eastlund. Tales of a New Age.

Chronicles of Eastlund

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