Mixed town, allied

Population: 2000 mixed. Troops: 500, mixed

Ruler: Leftenant-Marshall Oskar Baryal

To the east of Tor Ran'vaald, the land levels out, turning to grassland plains, and then eventually to the wind blasted Maelstrom of the Dust. At the eastern edge of the plains, fed and supplied by way of rail line is the frontier town of Vantage. Concerned as much with scavenging for relics as they are for raising cattle, Vantage has a vitality all it's own. Constructed primarily of wood, it's amenities include gas lighting and running water. Traders and treasure seekers stop to barter the their finds and wares. The town is also at the head of one of the safest routes to the Durian Plateau, and ultimately, the town of Pinetop. 


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