Dwarven Citadel/city, allied

Population 35,000 mixed

Troops, 20,000 mixed.

To the west and south of Mount Shaz'vaald  is The fortress-city of Resistance. For the past 800 years, the war between the Empire and the forces of the Wyrm have flickered and flared. Efforts to dig in and fortify have resulted in offshoot settlements such as this one. A rail spur runs from the south east, from Tor Varghast'vaald to keep troops and supplies flowing. Routes from port Reliant to the west and the Brazen Road to the north keep shipments to and from the northern empire flowing. There is word of construction of a mighty digging machine to circumvent the deep road at Mount Shaz'vaald, but as of yet no such secondary line has been completed.

   Resistance is nominally a Dwarven city, but many come to join the militia, and the standing armies of multiple nations are represented here, and the Wyrm and her kin represent a threat to not just Eastlund, but all of Hurn.  


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