Human City, Principality of Xar. 

Population 15,000 human, 2,500 mixed

Situated on the western coast of the continent of Hurn, Oostervek is a post night city built upon  the ruins of an ancient human city. At the center of the city sits a masonry Barrow mound, weathered by the ages, but still sound and secure of construction. Inside the barrow entrance is a door of admantine, upon the door is a rune of power. any looking at at the rune are stricken with varying, but permanent, amnesia. Consequently, The Empire's Guild Of Physicians has an asylum here for the express purposes of caring for, studying, and performing experiments on those poor souls stricken by the power of the rune. All the same, every year, a number of lost and forlorn souls arrive with the express purpose of starting anew. Some even are released from their care at the asylum in the months and years following their arrival, once they are deemed to "have their wits about them" and are not a danger to themselves and others. 

Oostervek also boasts a fine fishing fleet, as well as a Cannery owned and operated by the Brothers Crolton.  Fish and metal are brought in from the surrounding region, and cans of de-boned, salted fish are shipped out, a favorite of adventurers and the Imperial military alike for its extended edibility. 


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