Wood Elven city, neutral

Population, 20,000 elves, ??? Mixed

Ruler(s): Elder council(elected, 10), Istui(Learned, tie breaker): Gregoryn Baxtyr

Troops: 5000

Deep in the Ho-pesh rainforest, in the foothills of the mountains, the elves of Mistfell live in harmony with the forest, and safeguard their ancestral lands.  Rare is the non elf to even know of its location, let alone be allowed entrance. The crafts produced and exported are the finest in the region, and their scouts and rangers are considered the elite troops of the Rainfell. The city is one without walls, set on a higher ledge of the foothills, providing a commanding view of its valley approach while still remaining hidden amidst the giant oak and spruce the city lives around. As is the case with many elven population centers, magic flows easily, and Mistfell has any of the comforts of a "modern" city.


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