God of Merchants, The Bookkeeper

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Knowledge, Death, Trickery

Minerva is the goddess of Assassins and merchants. Though nominally banned in Xar and Eastlund, practice of devotion to Goddess of Fat ledgers is an all too common practice. Her presence is felt in Xar, in the Merchant's association, Debtor's Prison, and many other places besides on the continent of Hurn. many are the devotional sacrifices to keep her influence Out of trade deals. Amongst the mad and dying of Debtor's Prison, "Yagrafell", it is said that She controls even the afterlife of those with accounts due, a terrible prison city in the beyond where those unable to settle their estates in life get to toil for eternity in the hopes of one day having their accounts even out. Clerics of Minerva are shrewd, Ruthless, and some of the most damnably persuasive individuals around.


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