Elf City, allied

150,000 elves, 15,000 mixed

The Great city-state of Lunariis Cresentia. A high elven citadel, the agate bay, and has stood since before the rise of Dwarven Empire of Aetrea. Shortly before the Fall Of Night, ambassadors from Tor Raan'vaald met with the Elder Council, securing not only a lasting peace, but the materials and resources necessary to survive the long night.

The city is a prime port of call, with visitors and immigrants not only tolerated but welcome. Many goods from up and down the coast of Hurn can be found here, as wells as rare goods and relics from Distant Illuria. It it worth noting that due to the regional proximity to Mount Shaz'vaald, The city does occasionally fall under attack by red dragon. These attacks, while terrifying, are normally naught more than just that: terror tactics, as the the city is ringed with defense towers that not only kept the night at bay, but when presented with a threat, lash out with arcane beams to destroy any assailant. As such, the city's underworld does a tidy profit in bits of red dragon this and that, and though none would ever admit it, red dragon steaks are considered a delicacy by the truly decadent of the populace.


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