Elven City, Non Allied

Population, 150,000 elves

Troops: 50,000

Across the Aetrean sea, To the far south is Illuria. Equally as ancient As Lunariis, this city, while not completely cut off from trade with other nations, is highly restrictive. Foreigners must stay to a specific trade quarter and the punishments meted out by the City's Guard-Soldiers is truly without remorse. Get caught stealing? Lose a hand. They only get more severe and creative from there, and the Immigrant prison is every bit as horrid as the Debtor's prison in Iar. While still within the traditional boundaries of Aetrea, The Queen-Regent has no desire whatsoever to see its revival, and declared all holds within the held lands of Illuria Strictly off-limits, on pain of beheading. Allof that being said, the artists and artisans of Illuria are possibly th e greatest in the known world, as well as it being a land known for its exotic foods and spices. Items from here are sought across throughout th empire, regardless of the race the seeker. Fortunately, ancient trade compacts still exist between Illuria and Lunariis, though at times theres is social friction between the two cultures.


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