Human city, Allied, Principality of Xar.

Population, 96,533, mixed. Dwarven Military garris of 2500. Staning military garrision(human) 5000.

Ruled by civic counsel.

Iar. Gateway to the Empire. Sitting on the western Coast of Hurn, a mere 20 miles from the Iron Hold, Iar is the city of merchants. Traffic from the Kingdom of Rainfell, Traffic from across the Aetrean sea, if the wish to treat with the Empire, they come to Iar. Here, the main authority is the Merchant's association. Every transaction in the city is due a 1% tax. Debtors can expect a lengthy stay in the Debtor's Prison,informally known as the temple of Minerva. A great number of goods and services are available to be had here, and Iar is one of a scant handful of cities where magic items are bought and sold. The port itself is a vibrant place,sitting at the bottom of a tall bluff. Along the boardwalk Caliope music can be heard drifiting from the Gnome run amusement park. 


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