Orc City, non-allied

Population, 257,000 Orcs, ??? Mixed

Far to the Northeast in the Frozen wastes lies the Citadel of Lorkas, so named for an ancestral half Orc hero who is said to have bilked the Empire out of a hundred lifetime's worth of gold coins. Feeling strongly the plight of the then plains raiders, Lorkas donated a literal fortune, gaining Much honor and a place in Orc afterlife. It's said that when Lorkas died, an honour party set out from the Citadel to recover his remains and entomb them beneath the city in the Catacombs. Some say Lorkas was not quite dead when this occurred, and as a powerful spellcaster, never truly died.

The Orcs have raised themselves above the plight of simple plains Raiders, with their greatest war chieftain renaming himself Emperor Crush-Bone, in honor to The Bonecrusher, Orc diety of war. The city is a stolen and rebuilt dwarven Kaer, complete with a derelict rail line running to the deep road. For obvious reasons, this path is kept blockaded by the dwarves, and the Orcs possess no locomotives. What the Orcs or Lorkas Do possess are Air ships, held aloft via arcane methods, and powered by the life forces of prisoners, slaves, and sometimes willing Orcs. With this air force, the Orcs raid over the Iron Spine mountains and as far south as Duria.


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