Mixed keep/city

Population: 40,000 mixed

Troops: 4000

Leader: General Harak Stoutspear, Royal high army of Eastlund

Straddling the the overland road between Rainfell and Continental Eastlund is the Fortress-City of bastion. All races can be found here, mingling, gambling, drinking. The main exports are coloured baked clay bricks, crustaceans, and Bards, via the Collegiate Julliard. Due to the cosmopolitan nature of the place mixed with the proximity to the Tower of 8 elements, enough magic employing folk make there home here for there to be a "Wizarding" district, though the name isn't strictly accurate. By treaty, and by pure nature of its position at a crossroads, the merchant's guild of Iar holds offices here, collecting tithes as is there due.


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